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Review: Undeniably Yours by Mallory Funk

This is book 2 in the Viscous Snakes series and darling I had high hopes for it. I honestly thought this would be Stacey's story, but was surprised to find out it's actually Aiden "Steal"s story. Since learning this author's writing style and naughty level, I was anxious to get my hands on Undeniably Yours. It was just as good as the first, or dare I say, even better.

Story Line: Aiden is the son of the Viscous Snakes president. Which makes him Ella's (book 1) brother. 5 years ago he had a one night stand with a woman he couldn't get enough of (God, that's hot). However, when he woke up, she was gone. So life went on. Present day and Olivia (his one night stand) is back. She's moved across the street from his MC club house and she's not alone. She has her 4 year old son with her. Ah yes, the plot thickens. Olivia lets Aiden in and encourages a relationship with their son, which is amazing. I can't imagine how hard that was for her. I mean, raising her little boy all by herself and then a monkey wrench is thrown in and now she has to share him? I'm a helicopter parent. I have zero shame admitting that. So if I were in her shoes, I would definitely not be as easy going. I would be glued to my little boy's side, that's for sure. But Olivia taught me patience and I could totally see through her eyes this world so beautifully crafted by the author. I loved the twists, turns and the details that I surely did not see coming.

Interaction: Aiden is incredible. He lets the sexual chemistry build until these two crash into each other with some serious heat. But he is patient and understanding and takes to fatherhood like a fish to water. Missing the first 4 years of your child's life cannot be easy. I mean, just the thought of it has tears in my eyes. But this guy is a rockstar. There is nothing hotter than a good dad, and Olivia feels exactly how I do about that too. Because seeing her son and his dad bonding sets her heart on fire, in the best possible way.

Laundry: The first reunited laundry scene is probably my favorite. It's the can't keep my hands off you even if I had a gun to my head sort of urgency. It's messy, it's rushed and it's absolutely perfect. And as each laundry scene passes it become more and more clear that these two were destined to be together. It's like the big man upstairs had a plan all along. And even though that plan involved some slippery roads, it's perfect for Aiden and Olivia.

Depth: I refuse to give away anything here because I want you all to be just as shocked as I was. But there is a major, MAJOR plot twist in this book. I mean, talk about ripping the rug right out from underneath of you. Just when you think everything is rainbows and kittens...BAM! And as messed up as it sounds, I think that was my favorite part of this story. Don't get me wrong, Aiden is amazing. Olivia is perfect. But the twists and complete 180's the story takes? Oh yeah, so freaking good.

I loved this story. It was a different take on MC romance. I'm a sucker for a good MC and this book was no exception. The sense of family, devotion and absolute love is remarkable. Aiden, Olivia and their family gave me all the wonderful ooey,gooey feels my heart was begging for.

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