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Review: Until Cobi by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I have never wanted to live in a book world more than I have when it comes to the Until series by ARR. Even with the intensity of crime centered around the previous book (Until Harmony) and this one, I want to live in her world. I want to live where the Mason families are my neighbors and I'm invited to their kids and grand kids birthday parties. And this latest installment to the series is everything we have been not-so-patiently waiting for.

Story Line: Cobi is a police officer. He and Hadley meet in the previous installment to the series -Until Harmony. Hadley is the extremely brave woman who helped save Harmony's life. Our two main characters meet at that crime scene. Cobi experiences the famous BOOM and knows his soul has recognized its counterpart. Hadley, on the other hand, avoids relationships like the plague. So, sorry to burst your bubbles, but it's definitely not rainbows and kittens for these two from the start. In fact, there's danger and threats out there that lead these two into each other's paths on the regular. Thankfully their happily ever after is inevitable and honestly, one of the most epic of all time.

Interaction: Cobi is a Mayson. So Obviously he's a total alpha. He doesn't really take no for answer when it comes to Hadley. However, he is probably one of the most patience heros in the series. He knows Hadley has quite a few demons to overcome before she will truly open up to him. Her family she's closest to are not blood - it's her best friend Brie and her fiance. Her mom and dad are competing to win worst parents of the century. They are truly awful. I mean, who thinks their dad is capable of breaking and entering to steal money from his own daughter? So awful. So tragic. My heart cries for Hadley and the lost childhood she had. The details of her past are so painful to read. They are described tastefully and with class, however the descriptions are so vivid, you will feel like you just read your best friend's horror story. You just want to hug and cry with her. Thankfully, Cobi is there to do that.

Laundry: Hadley and Cobi's love is a slow burn, however the angst that only ARR can bring is off the charts. There is so much pull and tug when it comes to these two's attraction to one another. But when they finally come together to make that magical laundry? SIZZLING HOT. Cobi knows what he is doing, but would we really expect anything less given who his father is? I felt their connection not only in my chest, but through the tips of my toes and zinging all the way through my finger tips. So delicious.

Depth: Hadley's job brings quite a bit of complexity to the story. She's a social worker, which includes home visits. I won't give anything away, but let's just say, those home visits are unpredictable and can be painful in more than one way. And then there's Cobi's job as a police officer. Both of our gorgeous characters put themselves in harms way and have an element or two (or three or four) of danger every time they clock in. I loved how Hadley and Cobi brought so many layers to the table. It made their happily ever one of my favorites to date. It may have taken them longer to get there, but it was so, so sweet and absolutely made my heart sing.

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