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Review: Untrainable by Jamie Schlosser

I'm about to lay the cold, hard truth on y'all. Are you ready for this? Deep breath. Okay. Here it goes. Celebrity romances are not my thing. A part of me loathes celebrities because people like the Kardashians ruin it for the whole bunch. I'm also super jealous that they can literally do nothing and make millions of dollars. But anywho, with that being said, I sort of drug my feet to start reading this one. Man, I'm cotten headed ninny muggins ( you like that Elf reference, I know you do). But on an uber serious note, I ADORED Theo and Hadley's love story sooo much! I'm so mad at myself for putting off reading this as long as I did! It's SO DANG GOOD!

Story Line: So... our celebrity here is (mostly) Theo. He comes from a reality tv show about his family. Except he sort of ruined his reputation. And now he needs to rebuild it. Enter Hadley. She was on a talent show with her amazing dog Matilda. She didn't win, but people still fell in love with her. What do you get when you put these two together? Magic. Pure Christmas magic. The story they are putting together for TV audiences is something along the lines of watch America's sweetheart "train" America's bad boy. But what happens is so, so much more. There are heated, angsty moments that lead to heat and fire and everything in between. Hadley is funny without trying to be. And Theo is actually down to earth and a total softy at heart.

Interaction: Hadley has a soft, yet tough girl attitude. She is independent, but so freaking sweet. And that's not lost on Theo. Because he's already smitten. When these two are filming their series and even when they are off screen, they are so adorable it almost hurts. Even before the heat and naughty stuff, they are total #couplegoals. Hadley takes zero crap from Theo. And it's not like Theo acts like a whipped puppy around her. He doesn't come across as whipped, weak or as a snob. Which obliviously makes him both sexy and incredibly likable.

Laundry: This is a slight slow burn, folks. Minor spoiler alert, Theo and Hadley do not jump into bed in the first couple of chapters. But what does happen is glorious. They flirt and build up so much sexual tension, that even I said FINALLY when the magic happens. And Theo? Oh Theo. That man knows exactly what he's doing. And might I say sir, me next! ;)

Depth: I think my favorite part of this story line wasn't the fact that these two were making a tv series right before our eyes. Don't get me wrong, that part was way more interesting than I thought it would be. But I'm also a celeb sinic. But anyways, my favorite part to the story line was not only the fact that this took place at Christmastime (hello, SWOON), but that Hadley takes Theo home to her family. And her family is AMAZING. I want them to be MY family. I don't think I've ever had family - envy in a book before. But hey, there's a first time for everything. Bottom line? This book is PERFECTION.

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