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Review: Worthy by Syd Ryan

The title of this book alone had me hooked. Worthy is somewhat of a trigger word for me. It's something I personally have struggled with. I loved the first book of this series - Stronger - so I was very eager to get my hands on Worthy. And it was everything I dreamed it would be.

Story Line: Jamie is Regan's (book 1) best friend. They are nurses at the same hospital/department. Regan got her happily ever after in book 1, so now it's Jamie's turn. Except it's not so easy for her. Jamie is full of sass, vinegar and a whole lot of fun. She lives life in overdrive and doesn't plan on settling down. At least, that's what she tells herself. Then Gavin walks back into her life and makes her question pretty much everything. This is a story about letting go of the past and accepting the fact that people who were previously a part of your life, do not define you.

There are a lot of steps that our two love birds need to take in order to get their happily ever after. And for Jamie, step 1 is putting an end to her friends with benefits buddy. Step 2 is getting over the embarrassment of her first encounter with Gavin. It's not easy, and her road to acceptance is long. But Gavin wins a giant trophy for being so incredibly patient and understanding with her. And that scene at the airport/airplane? Pure perfection.

Interaction: Jamie is a spitfire, at that's putting it lightly. I love me some sassy leading ladies, but Jamie? She's on a whole other level with her sassy pants. And then there's Gavin. Sweet, sexy and the patience of a saint, Gavin. He is persistent with her, sure. But he's never overbearing of forceful. It's like he knows exactly what type of treatment his woman needs, before he even truly knows her. This is one of the reasons I love romance novels. Authors like Syd can build a connection between two characters that gives hope to hopeless romantics like myself. And justifies the deep soul connection I feel with my hubby. When the soul connects with it's couterpart, everything clicks and the world becomes crystal clear. That's the connection I am blessed to have with my husband. And that's the connection Gavin and Jamie share.

Laundry: With Jamie being the spitfire she is, it should come as no shock that she is a total wildcat between the sheets. And Gavin? He is totally her match. He ignites a fire within her that is totally matched by his own passion. And I swear to you, with each passing laundry scene, these two only get hotter and hotter.

Depth: Jamie holds the majority of the depth in this story, in my opinion. Her past weighs her down quite a bit and my heart truly hurts for her. She is hiding a secret, even from Regan, that may seem silly to some, but I totally get where she is coming from. Her secret isn't something you go around telling people lightly. But that secret? It makes for one heck of a grand finale. Once you finish this story, if you loved it as much as me, you're going to be craving a strawberry shortcake cupcake, that's for sure.

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