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Review: You and Me by Melody Eve

Y'all. I cannot get enough of Roman and Aria. Seriously though. If you loved the This Man series, you are going to eat up the pages of this duet. Roman is over the top ALPHA. And Aria is a totally fierce heroine. So believe me when I say, this duet is incredible. Their love story is a total whirlwind, it's far from perfect and at times utterly tragic. But that's what makes it so perfectly fantastic.

Story Line: This is book 2 in the duet. You definitely need to read book 1: Him & I first because this story picks right up where that one left off. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how perfectly titled this duet is? I don't think I've ever loved a title as hard as I love these. And that's saying a lot because I am the last person to judge a book by its cover. Anywho, Roman and Aria are back from paradise. Their fast paced romance is still alive but with lots of hurdles to overcome. Aria just wants to get back to her life at her little bookstore. And Roman wants nothing more than for her to move in so they can completely start their lives together. And what we all learned from book one is this: what Roman wants, Roman gets. Except, not so fast in Aria's case. She pumps the breaks on several occasions. And our beautifully broken hunk of a man has to adapt and make compromises. It's comical at times, even. But what happens once they are back is drama - I'm talking thriller type stuff. I was NOT expecting where their story went, but I loved every second of it. Because without the crazies, these two wouldn't have gotten their gorgeous HEA.

Interaction: When I said Roman it total ALPHA, I meant it. He is over the top in his affections and protectiveness of his woman. And Aria does everything she can to knock him down a notch or two or ten. In my opinion, this was totally necessary. Did it always work? Heck no. Roman gives in to her, but only marginally. But it's enough for him to show her he's willing to bend, just as long as she is too. Their relationship is fast paced, but they are able to build something so beautiful, time is of no importance. The heart wants what it wants, after all.

Laundry: It should come as zero shock to y'all that the laundry in this book is off the charts, smoking hot. Roman knows EXACTLY what he's doing and it could not be hotter. Seriously, I am convinced he is the cream of the crop when it comes to his skills. Aria is one lucky woman. Lucky witch. Okay, I'm done being jealous. If you take nothing else away from this section of the review it's this - Aria and Roman's laundry connection is like nothing you have ever read before. It's a mixture of sweet, naughty, kinky and toe curling that we all need in our lives.

Depth: So, you know when I said there are crazies in this book? Totally wasn't kidding. Crazy you will never see coming. And what comes from the crazy is some physical pain but a whole lot of emotional wounds coming to surface. The pain Roman internalizes from his past is gut wrenching. And learning about just how he punishes himself? I sobbed uncontrollably for a solid ten minutes. I'm not exaggerating folks. Roman punishes himself in the worst way possible. And thank you Lord, Aria sees this beautifully flawed man and is able to help ease that hurt. She accepts him for who he is, and becomes everything he ever needed and wanted. And vise versa.

I loved Roman and Aria so freaking much. I will recommend this duet until the cows come home. Go pick up book 1, if you haven't read it. And then immediately pick up book 2. You will not be sorry. In fact, make sure you come back here and thank me. I like wine. :)

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