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Southern Sunrise by Natasha Madison

Is there a support group for readers of Natasha Madison's heart stopping, fever inducing love stories? Because there really needs to be. I feel like I need a cigarette and good round of laundry after I finish each and every one of her incredible books. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Story Line: This is the story I didn't even realize was missing from the Southern series. This is Ethan's love story and it's not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a simple story that won't leave you biting your nails and curling your toes, you're probaly barking up the wrong tree. Ethan and Emily's story is epic. No, it's bigger than that. Their love knows no bounds and left me in tears in the best possibly way. They loved deeply. He disappeared. And now he's back. But Emily is now engaged to someone else. Now before all ya'll jump on your cheating bandwagons, this is a safe read. Scouts honor. But, your heart is not safe from falling head over heals in love with Ethan.

Interaction: The dynamic between our two lead characters can only be described as flippin' hot AF. Every word. Every moment their eyes meet. Every touch. ALL OF IT. The air around them cracks with lightning. Heck, the air in my house was crackling. I love characters who have the amount of history these two do. It makes their characters so much more rounded and developed. We see sides of Emily that truly speak to the type of person she is. And Ethan? Oh man, he's got to be one of NM's best written heros ever. There was not a single scene in this book I didn't cherish whole heartedly.

Laundry: This Southern series makes me want to move down south and find out if southern boys really do do laundry best. Because, no offense to my dear sweet Mr Laundry, these boys are naughty and so, so hot. And Ethan may just be the best of them all. So saddle up honey, you're about to ride a cowboy.

Depth: True to all Natasha Madison books. Southern Sunrise give us more than a love story. Behold is a story about first love, second chances, unconventional families and a love that knows literally no bounds. I fell in love with this family 4 times - all four books in this series had me falling head over heals in love with characters I prayed would magically appear in my own hometown. That's normal right? Eff it. Who cares. Let me live in my NM fantasy world forever.

5 giant cowboy hat stars

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