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Teasing the Princess by Nana Malone

You know how there are those books that you read and think to yourself, I will never subject myself to another one of this author’s cliffhangers? And you do it anyway? Over and over and over again? Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about Nana Malone and her EPIC cliffhangers. Teasing the Princess is the second part to Royal Tease. And as we all remember, Royal Tease ended with one of the BEST cliffhangers of all time. And by best, I mean I was using all of the colorful words known to man, and even some made up ones, because I have ZERO patience. Well, thank you baby Jesus, here come the answers.

Roone and Jessa are probably my favorite Nana Malone characters. Roone is the strikingly gorgeous bodyguard, in case you forgot. And Jess is our feisty, gorgeous princess. Their love isn’t perfect. And it sure as heck isn’t easy. But they fight for each other and I adored that so much about them. Each character brings so much to the table. I related to each of them in different ways. Jessa’s giving nature and independence made my heart sing. And Roone’s confidence is downright addicting. I may have even caught a little of his attitude after reading these two books.

I refuse to give a single, tiny spoiler away so I will say this – you will laugh, you will cry, you will curl your toes and you will jump on your couch and declare “I am woman, hear me roar”. Teasing the Princess is EVERYTHING you have been waiting for. And when you finally read the last page? You’ll be crying, kicking and screaming for more.

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