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The Beginning of Home by Krista Sandor

I don't know how to break it to y'all but The Beginning Of Home may just be the best Langley Park book yet. I'm not kidding. If you thought books 1 and 2 were good, oh mama. Just you wait. Lindsey and Nick have the type of epic love that fairy tales are made of. Granted, with Lindsey's past, it's more of a Tim Burton fairy tale. But through her darkness, these two find their incredible happily ever after.

Story Line: Lindsey and Nick met at a summer camp. They were both counselors and ended up not only developing intense feelings for one another, but also sharing one steamy night together. But as all summer love goes, it almost always has to come to an end. Nick and Lindsey's love story comes to an unexpected and abrupt end. Now, many years later, Lindsey returns to Langley Park. Sadly, not for happy go lucky reasons. She's hiding from her traumatic past. And who does she run back into? Ding Ding! Yep, it's Nick. And he's got his sights set on her. Now, I won't ruin their story by going into a lot of detail, but just know that their happily ever after was so dang beautiful I legit cried tears of joy for them.

Interaction: Lindsey may be technically on the run and pretty much in hiding. However, don't let those details fool you. She is freaking FIERCE. She is so dang strong. My heart broke for her over and over again. I felt like she just couldn't catch a break. She has these steel walls built around her heart - and honestly - for good reason. But then there's Nick. Sweet, charming and sexy as all get out Nick. She's torn between doing what she thinks is right and asking for help. And thankfully, she lets Nick not only into her house, but into her heart as well. But that road to love? It's about as rocky as they come.

Laundry: KS knows how to write some steamy as sin laundry, let me tell you. Yes, this is a slow burn, but that is quite alright with me. I will gladly read all the angst and googly eyes when it leads up to epic laundry scenes. I know some of you want the laundry on page one, but honey, just wait. Just you wait. KS knows how to bring the fire and Lindsey and Nick? They're smoking hot.

Depth: There is always so much more to the story than two people falling in love when it comes to Krista Sandor novels. There's parents who are suffering from Alzheimers and dementia. There's nut job ex's and painful pasts. But then there's also a mutual attraction that runs deeper than just the heart strings. No, Lindsey and Nick's attraction is bone deep. And their love will embed itself in your soul long after you've finished reading. Nick is darn near close to the perfect man in my opinion. And although both characters have their flaws, their love is flawless. This book definitely makes its way onto my top reads of all time list. It was THAT good.

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