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The Gargoyle and the Gypsy by Dr Rebecca Sharp

One thing you should know about Dr Rebecca Sharp, is she doesn't hold back. Each and every book she writes is full of passion, incredible storytelling and every single emotion you could possibly imagine. The Gargoyle and the Gypsy has taken her mastery to a whole new world. Quinton and Esme's story is one I will never forget.

Story Line: Our hero is Quinton. He's one of the most unexpected hero's I've had the pleasure of reading. Don't get me wrong, he's absolutely fantastic, but I wasn't expecting to love his side of the story as much as I did. Esme intrigued me from the first first time we met her. She's everything I'm not as a person and for that reason, I fell head over heels inst-girl crush in love with her. But Quinton's history was hard for me to read. So hard. This guy, y'all. He will bring you to your knees in the naughtiest and most heartbreaking ways imaginable. Their story is the opposite of perfect. But it's so beautifully broken, I couldn't stop myself from devouring it in one sitting.

Interaction: I think this book solidified my severe love for enemies to lovers/opposites attract tropes. Seriously, if this trope is your jam, one click away because you're about to read you new favorite book. Q is the brooding strong, silent type and all I wanted to do was climb him like a tree. Thankfully Esme agreed and they created some very strong visuals if you know what I mean. Okay, in all seriousness though, the chemistry is pure magic. It sizzles and heats up until literally everything is burning.

Laundry: Y'all. I have never wanted to do naughty things in a cathedral until I read this book. I think of myself as a Christian woman, and the thoughts going through my head while my kindle was bursting into flames, were very worthy of repentance. Just saying.

Depth: Okay, real talk here. This is a DUET. It's is book 1 of 2. So do with that information as you will. But remember, as much as we were all clutching our bedsheets at the end of this book, have no fear. Book 2 will land on our e-readers this year and we will all breath a huge sigh of relief when that happens. Until then, I'll leave you with this - Q and Esme's story isn't over and thank god for that. Their love. Their fight. Their magic. It's all so dam beautiful that I have vowed to keep my head in cloud 9 euphoria until the conclusion of their story arrives.

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