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The Sound of Home by Krista Sandor

Krista Sandor brings us Langley Park #2 and man, did she knock this one out of the park. I read book one (The Road Home) and loved it. I knew I would read anything and everything this author puts out. But holy smokes. I was not ready for all of the emotions this second installment would pull out of me. You will laugh, you will cry and you will most definitely chew off all of your fingernails. Consider yourself warned.

Story Line: Em is our rockstar. Okay, not really a "rockstar" but she is a super talented musician with her whole life ahead of her. A life that involves going to a prestigious music school upon graduating high school. Except fate had other plans. An awful accident changes her future and she blames the two people she was closest to. Fastforward 12 years and she's back and she's looking for answers. Who, What, When, How... all of these questions regarding that single night that changed everything. It doesn't take long for Em to cross paths with Michael - the one that got away. And the one she shoved away after the incident. But lets all thank our lucky stars that Michael takes Em's return as a sign to try and rekindle their feelings from 12 years ago. So their journey begins. A journey to forgiveness, a journey for justice. And most of all, a journey for love. (cheesey yes, but so true).

Interaction: Michael and Em used to be incredibly close. They grew up as next door neighbors - knew practically everything about each other. So, even though their interactions from the very beginning of this story are short and snappy, there's still an underlying familiarity that gives even the most uncomfortable of conversations a certain about of ease to their characters. Thankfully over time, Michael wears down on Em and her icy walls come crashing down. I loved reading her transformation. Michael proves he's the same guy he was 12 years ago, as well as 12 years more loyal and devoted. It's Em's character who will truly blow you away. The emotional and physical pains she went through have scarred her in more than one way. But her strength is what makes her triumph absolutely remarkable.

Laundry: Em and Michael have a slow burn sort of romance. They have quite a bit to overcome so it honestly would not have made any sense if they got down to the naughty laundry right off the bat. However, with that being said, do not discount the steam this story brings. Michael and Em have year and years of angst built up between them. So just imagine a fireworks display on the 4th of July. In Paris. YEAH. It's total magic.

Depth: Without revealing too much, I will say that this story's depth is packed tightly around the mystery of what the heck happened 12 years ago. No one seems to know and Em has quite a bit of digging to do before clues start popping up. I was literally on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I possibly could trying to figure out what happened. This story was expertly written and had me second guessing myself until the very end. You won't see this twist coming! And you will love every single second of it!

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