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This Thing of Ours by Sarah Curtis

This Thing of Ours literally had everything I have been dreaming of reading lately. It had angst, forbidden love, insane attraction and the perfect amount of suspense. I could not read fast enough. Seriously. At one point, I had to take my contacts out because they were drying out from keeping my eyes open so long. Sarah Curtis has delivered a story about fighting for what you want and never ever giving up.

Story Line: Gabby is a 22 year old college student, just trying to have a normal life. Except nothing is normal about her life. Her brother is the mob boss. Wherever she goes, she has security detail. Not exactly the typical college experience. And then there's Marco. He's basically her brother Nico's right hand man. He feels indebted to Nico therefore he puts up a mask anytime Gabby is around to hide his attraction. But you see, they have 10 years of angst and build up between them. Because for 10 years, Gabby has been falling head over heals for this man. She thinks it's one sided. But sh*t hits the fan, and the walls come down between them. Page by page we read as these two fall harder and harder for one another. And it's absolutely stunning. Their love story is messy, but their feelings for one another is rock solid. And that epilogue? It left me with allllll the feels.

Interaction: Gabby is so dang funny. Her character is so strong willed and I adored that about her. She is tough as nails to everyone, including Marco. But she lets him see that soft interior too. And he's the same with her. He is total ALPHA male and that doesn't change when things start to heat up between them. If anything, it intensifies. I loved his jealousy, but I loved hers more. My favorite thing about this book though was this line - "tell me you love me". It absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, summarizes their relationship. I love these two so hard.

Laundry: If you've never read a Sarah Curtis book before and are curious how the laundry is, have no fear! She writes some of the most toe curling, skin tingling scenes I have ever read. She is the master of building the angst and then delivering the good stuff with the perfect blend of naughty and sweet. There's plenty of laundry, folks. Just ride out the build up and it will totally be worth your wait.

Depth: There are two big parts of the story line that add to the meat of the book. First, hello, it's about the mob family. There's gore, there's shoot outs and all that jazz. And then there's the history between Marco and Gabby. They have 10 years of yearning, which added a very delicious dimension to the story. I was kept on the edge of my seat the second half of this book and loved every page turning minute of it. You won't be able to predict how things go down here, so don't even try. Just settle in for one of the best reads of your life. I promise you will finish This Thing of Ours with the biggest smile on your face. Because that's exactly how I finished it - smiling like it was my wedding day :)

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