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Unravel by Aashna K.

Aashna K just entered the published writer world with a huge bang. Unravel is her debut novel and it was fan-freaking-tastic. I honestly had no idea this was her first novel until moments before I started to write this review. I was hoping there were other books by her out there so I could dive into her writing style further. But, nope. She's a newbie. So I have to wait like the rest of you guys for book two in the Love Undone series. Boo.

Story Line: I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. This book starts off with so many questions. Our main character, Vienna, is having dinner with her fiance. She bolts from the restaurant and has a moment of exhibitionism before her fiance finds her and takes her home. A little side note for readers, if the text you are reading is in italics, that means it's a flashback. I'm not sure if it was a dumb blonde moment or what, but it took me a few times to realize what the italicized words implied.

Vienna and her fiance part ways and she decides to move and start over fresh. She takes a job with an old friend and comes into contact with two men. One being her old best friend and the other being his brother. But the backstory doesn't end there. It turns out best friend (who is currently engaged to Chloe) was secretly in love with Vienna all that time and his brother - Kingston- is the pair of blue green eyes that haunt Vienna's dreams and faint memories. The connection between King and V is slowly (like milometers at a time) put together for the reader. It's frustrating and delicious and perfection all at the same time. But once everything falls into place and the ball is in King's court, the book ends and you will be yelling at your kindle or reading device demanding more. Or maybe that was just me.

Interaction: King and V have insane chemistry. Seriously. Their magnet to one another is the stuff movies and fairy tales are made of. What makes their connection even better is their failed attempts to ignore that pull. Vienna just thinks she is super attracted to her boss/best friend's brother. But Kingston has a lethal tongue. He says horrible things to her and yet keeps coming back to her for more. The yo-yo action between these two long lost lovers will make you want to pull out your hair, yet keeps you reading at record setting paces.

Laundry: This. So much this. V and King are the royal family of angry laundry. To the point that I wanted to pick a fight with my husband so we could reenact some scenes. There is so much angst (there's that damn word again), and foreplay and denied gratification that it could make anyone desperate for another laundry scene. Every single time these two come together, it's like a freaking explosion. Love. It.

Depth: I'm pretty sure this story is an endless depth pit. Every time I thought I was wrapping my head around what the hell was going on between King and V, something else was thrown at me and I was back to square one. And I LOVED that. I don't want predictable. I don't want a story line I've read a thousand times before. Give me something fresh and raw and something that keeps me on my toes. And Unravel did all of that. I legit cannot wait for the second book to come out. In fact, if I see Aashna K. on social media, I'll be sure to tell her "get back to writing!"

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