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Until Sadie by Sarah Curtis

The Happily Ever Alpha world has delivered another smashing success. Until Sadie is everything we were hoping for spinning off from Until Cobi by the queen herself ARR. If you're looking for a book full of angst, heat and sugary sweetness, then look no further. Until Sadie is just what this romance lover needed.

Story Line: Our main characters are Dean and Sadie. Dean is the badboy looking biker dude and Sadie is our sweet and fiery leading lady. This story has some pretty incredible twists and turns that even this super observant reader didn't see coming. With that being said, I'm not going to divulge too much into the story line like I usually do. What I do want you to know is this story is "safe" with no triggers, but it does have some pretty intense action and some moments where you will think to yourself "what the actual..." because things get wild - in the best possible way.

Interaction: Sadie and Dean are pure magic. There's no other way to describe them. Their chemistry is incredible. Their conversations -both spoken and unspoken are soul squeezing. And even when things got rocky - and by rocky I mean those razer sharp rocks that if you step on them, you're taking a trip to the ER - ROCKY, they're just freaking beautiful. I wasn't expecting to shed a tear or two while reading this story, but dang I'm glad I did. Because what that tells me is this book should not be underestimated. Dean and Sadie will put your heart through the ringer, but in the end, will show you what true love feels like.

Laundry: If you have never read a Sarah Curtis novel (boo, you w*ore), you should know something. She likes HEAT. And she's darn good at writing it. If you think the PG version of Sadie and Dean is finger tingling good, JUST YOU WAIT. Once they hit a home run, it's all fireworks and epic BOOMS. So, maybe have a shot of your favorite hard stuff ready because it's that good.

Depth: My favorite part of this book, second to the laundry of course, is the amount of details packed into this incredible story. Dean is not what he seems. Sadie has a heck of a lot to overcome. So does Dean. There's so much you won't see coming. And THAT is what makes this BOOM one of the best you will ever read. Because yes, this is a love story, but it's also a story about trust and how it's so easy to give it, but not so easy to earn. And as much as that felt like a vice grip to my heart, it was a life lesson I think we could all use. So read this story with an open heart but take away so much more than a beautiful happily ever after.


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