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Wild by Colet Abedi

Holy crap, did this story start with a bang. There are so many tropes in this story line and I seriously cannot get enough of it. I will warn you, this does have a cliffhanger ending. I usually put off reading cliffys until the series has been published in its entirety, but the blurb about this one sucked me in and there was no turning back.

Story Line: I wasn't kidding when I said there are quite a few different tropes in this story. For starters, Wyld is a v-card holder. Of course she looses that card within a couple chapters, but still. Then there's the whole sex club situation. Third, Hollywood mega hottie relationship. Jamie is seriously so delicious. And he can cook? OH EM GEE. Age gap? Yep these two are like 12 or 13 years apart. And lastly, there's the whole workplace romance going on - past and present. So seriously, pick your trope. You won't be disappointed. The story of how Wyld and Jamie meet is uber hot and slightly funny (after the fact). But Wyld has a super complicated upbringing between both of her parents so she's jaded - and understandably so. So their path to happily ever after (which, so help me God, if book two doesn't bring it, I will sob uncontrollably) isn't exactly a smooth one. Wyld pumps the breaks. Jamie pushes forward like the perfect ALPHA he is. Seriously. I am BEGGING for book 2 to be released early. Like tomorrow.

Interaction: Wyld's inner monologue is pure genius. And I say that because I swear to God, I've said some of the exact same things in my head before. Great minds, right? But in all seriousness, Wyld is snarky, sarcastic and strong willed. She's total girl power. And then there's Jamie. Sweet baby Jesus, how I love him. He's gorgeous, obviously. But he's also super, duper alpha with a side of sweet and cuddly. He's the total package, ladies. And Wyld knows that. But when you come from so much brokenness, it's hard to see light through that darkness. Thankfully, I think Jamie will shine through misconceptions and fear and turn out to be her perfect match.

Laundry: I'm going to put this out there right now. Wyld is my hero. She hangs onto that v-card for 22 years. Not really on purpose, but still. Then she decides enough is enough and loses it at a Hollywood laundry party. FOR SERIOUS, Y'ALL. Can we all just take a moment to give this woman a round of applause? And those scenes at the party? My toes and fingers are still tingling from how good they were. In fact, is it too soon for a re-read? Jamie is a man in charge and Wyld is a firecracker. It is no exaggeration when I say their laundry is moan worthy.

Depth: For me, the meat of this story comes from not only the budding relationship between our two love birds, but also the details of the Hollywood movie production scene. I loved reading the snippets of what their world is like. I truly appreciated learning a few ins and outs of what really goes on when a script is put out into the world. And Wyld's determination to make it in that world by working her way up from an intern? Seriously, she's Super Girl - smart, witty and has a super mega hot guy blowing up her phone. Where do I sign up? No really...

Wild was a quick but incredibly fulfilling read. I loved the chemistry between not only Wyld and Jamie, but also the roommates as well. I eagerly await the release of Wilder.

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