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Wilder by Colet Abedi

Talk about a stunning conclusion. Wilder is the second half to the Wild Duet by the incredible Colet Abedi. Book 1 left us wondering what would happen to Jamie and Wyld. Jamie the drop dead gorgeous movie producer and Wyld the lowly intern. Oh my stars, I love these two so much. I loved their struggle and I love, love LOVED their HEA.

Story Line: If you haven't read Wild yet, stop right here. Go read Wild, then read Wilder. They're a duet so... yeah... gotta read book 1 first. I finished book 1 in record time, waited oh so NOT patiently, finally received book 2 and I'm pretty sure I deserve to be in the book of world records for how lightning fast I finished it. But I had to know. I had to know how much Wyld made Jamie grovel. And if it was all a big misunderstanding or was Jamie really an unchanged man. I won't give away any spoilers, but what I will tell you is this - if you think you loved Jamie in the first book... just wait. You will fall head over heals for him in the second. Like the cynic I am, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. But no, he's just that perfect. Jamie says the right things, makes the grand gestures, and is mouthwateringly handsome. Total book boyfriend material. And I will fight you for him.

Interaction: Wyld is jaded. I mean, I don't have room to talk, but still. She's got a chip on her shoulder and her guard is up. So of course the rumor mill is going to make her reinforce those walls she's built around her heart. But darn that Jamie. He just has to break that wall down. Brick by brick, and patient chapter after chapter, he proves he's not going anywhere. He's one of the good guys. I mean, he's still naughty and lickable, but he's genuine. And it takes Wyld a hot second to realize, just like me, that the other shoe - it's never going to drop. He's just that incredible.

Laundry: Can I just say I have never once wanted to go on a movie/commercial set until reading these books? But then there's that hot trailer scene, and next thing you know I'm googling how I can weasel my way onto any set just so I can try out some things first hand. OK, that's a stretch. I have zero self confidence so I would never go on a set, however the laundry scenes in this book make the fantasies run wild.

Depth: You know how I mentioned Wyld is jaded? Well that chip runs DEEP. Her parents didn't exactly give her the best example growing up. So when a possible cheating scandal causes her to bold and end things (end of book 1), I was surprised. She has seen how this sort of thing plays out with her own parents. And of course she wants to do everything she can to protect herself from that same fate. But thank you baby Jesus, Jamie is up for the challenge. He is patient with her almost to a fault. He gives her space at first, and then little by little he earns her trust and eventually, her heart. Their HEA is pure perfection. I absolutely loved it.

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